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Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment results in a New Name and Surname!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

You too, today, while obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can change your name and surname and open a new page of your investment life completely separate from your home country.

Since 2012, the Turkish government has opened an investment portal for foreigners and allowed them to own real estate, but these investments have been classified as foreign investments, and their owners are not entitled to Turkish citizenship. However, in late September 2018, the Turkish government made a significant amendment to real estate investment, providing Turkish citizenship for free to any investor who purchases real estate worth $ 250.000.

Since that time, the real estate investor has been classified as a local investor, because after purchasing a property or a group of properties worth $ 250.000, he can obtain Turkish citizenship in only 30 days, allowing him to complete his investment program with the same benefits as a local citizen, such as bank loans and others.

You, too, can change your name and surname now while gaining Turkish citizenship, opening a new chapter in your investment life that is completely different from your native nation.

The Republic of Turkey offers dual citizenship, so you can start a new life and an investment file in Turkey with your family without giving up your original identity in your home country.

Real estate values have risen gradually over the last four years (since the release of the Turkish Citizenship Law for the acquisition of real estate valued at $ 250.000), making real estate investment very beneficial even in terms of foreign currency.

Successful investment properties achieved a profit of more than 100% in dollar terms during a three-year period, which translates to a profit of nearly 500% in Turkish lira terms.

For example, if an investor purchased a successful investment property of $ 150.000 in 2019, which was equivalent to around 900.000 TL, he may now sell it for $ 300.000, which is equivalent to approximately 4.5 million Turkish liras today.

This answers some investors' concerns that the Turkish lira is unstable and continually falling against foreign currencies, which is correct. At the same time, this does not rule out real estate investment in Turkey, even in Turkish lira.

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What are the advantages of a Turkish passport?

  • Entry to 77 countries without a visa, in addition to easy entry to 26 countries of the Schengen area.

  • A Turkish passport holder can travel to 33 countries and automatically obtain a visa on arrival.

  • Turkish passport holder can travel to more than 8 countries by obtaining an electronic visa online.

  • One of the most important features of the Turkish passport is that it is one of the 30 best passports in the world.

  • Provides free tuition and payment plans for the university granted to Turkish citizens.

  • There is no need to specify a minimum period of stay required.

  • The processing and delivery time of the Turkish passport is relatively short, up to 30 days, which is an important feature of the Turkish passport.

  • The holder gets all the medical rights offered to Turkish citizens.

  • The owner can benefit from the retirement plan as a Turkish citizen.

  • Grants the right to vote for all types of elections in Turkey.

  • One of the best features of the Turkish passport is that it allows people who hold Turkish passports to obtain dual citizenship, meaning that the foreigner can keep his original citizenship.

  • The Turkish passport is valid for 10 years.

  • Another advantage of the Turkish passport is that it can be renewed for life.

  • Persons with Turkish citizenship are entitled to obtain a Turkish passport immediately after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

These advantages exist at the present time with the possibility of its development and increase in the very near future, and now why do investors choose to invest in Turkey in particular?

  • The renaissance, which specialists described as unprecedented in Turkey, in the establishment of huge investment projects, such as infrastructure projects that attract investors and large capitals to Turkey.

  • The development of many industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors that support real estate investments in Turkey.

  • Encouraging the export of products manufactured by the Turkish state to the rest of the world and transforming Turkey from an importing country to an exporting country.

  • Strengthening and developing the Turkish state electronic transactions to serve the interests of both the citizen and the investor, which will include many fields and sectors operating in state institutions.

  • Facilitating the provision of services to citizens by creating secure websites on the Internet, and opening communication windows to facilitate access to services for all citizens.

  • Unlimited support for the Turkish economy by developing new strategic plans to maintain the country's financial stability.

  • Continuing to build huge investment projects that greatly benefit Turkey and its economy. Some of these projects have been completed, such as Istanbul International Airport project, the largest medical city in Europe and the world, Basaksehir Medical City. Some of them are still under construction, such as Istanbul Canal project and the new metro lines.

  • The distinguished geographical position that Turkey occupies among the countries of the world. It is a bridge between the Asian and European continents. It also has very important land, sea and air trade crossings between East and West.

  • The existence of Istanbul, which links the present and the past, brings together all civilizations, and attracts tourists from all over the world. This city also includes the largest vital projects in Europe and the world, and is now one of the largest industrials, commercial and tourist cities in the world.

  • The spread of education in Arabic or English in many Turkish schools and universities makes choosing a Turkish passport an interesting matter and frees you from the Turkish language barrier in education.

  • The great amenities provided by the Turkish government for those who wish to own and invest in real estate

Many benefits await you and your family if you obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, but keep in mind that this is an exceptional law that is subject to cancellation or amendment (raising the required limit for obtaining Turkish citizenship) at any time, so we advise you to take the right step as soon as possible and take advantage of this law to join the group of local investors in Turkey.

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