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10 benefits of holding Turkish citizenship in 2023

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Since late 2018, a significant number of foreign investors from various nations have come to Turkey with the goal of getting citizenship, particularly by owning real estate valued at $250.000 (the current minimum amount required is $400.000).

What then are the factors that attract so many investors of various nationalities from around the world to our nation?

Having Turkish citizenship must have a number of benefits for nations with a lower standard of living than Turkey. It is also unexpected that industrialized nations are more interested in gaining Turkish citizenship than Turkey. In this essay, we'll go through the benefits of gaining Turkish citizenship, which a lot of people are unaware of, aspire to acquire, or perhaps have already done.

Benefits of becoming a Turkish citizen:

1. Enjoy all of your rights as a Turkish citizen.

Our real estate investors who have earned Turkish citizenship tell us every day that they are unaware of the following:

  • Free medical care for Turkish citizens: Public hospitals in the country are notable for being as technologically advanced as private hospitals, and at the same time, all family members are entitled to receive medical care completely free of charge, without any cap or requirement for insurance or subscription.

  • Education is provided for free, and schools are of a high caliber. Additionally, Turkish state colleges enroll students for very low tuition and provide a high caliber of theoretical instruction backed by real-world training. Many discounts are available to students for using transit and many forms of entertainment.

  • Turkish citizens have the ability to create bank accounts in a variety of national and international institutions with branches in Turkey. They can also take advantage of loans for business purposes or to pay off mortgage or auto loan installments. You can gain from loans offered to support small projects and agriculture.

  • Upon reaching a set number of years of employment, Turkish citizens get retirement benefits, and they are exempt from the requirement to obtain a work permit in the location where they are employed. The employer only needs to register it with the social insurance system.

  • Gain full access to the online portal, which enables you to complete a variety of chores without having to go to a service center.

2. Investing in real estate is profitable.

This is one of the most significant benefits of gaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, setting Turkey apart from other nations that offer their passports in exchange for financial contributions to the government or the purchase of properties with poor economic returns.

Some investors who became citizens of Turkey in 2018 have since realized gains of up to 300% on a dollar basis for those who selected the appropriate investment properties from them with the aid of qualified real estate consultants.

When considering real estate investing, even individuals who made real estate purchases without conducting thorough research were able to realize at least a 100% return on their initial investment within five years.

There are still unique prospects in the market, where at least 96% of the local population participates, making it a secure environment where foreign investors can join and easily generate profits if they like.

3. Turkish citizenship is permanent.

As opposed to some other nations, Turkey grants citizenship to individuals who obtain it permanently and upholds their rights for life, without placing any restrictions on them, such as requiring that the property or citizenship be recovered after a certain amount of time.

4. Acquiring joint citizenship for the entire family.

Turkey provides its nationality to the investor's wife and children (without specifying a certain number) up to the age of 18, in contrast to many other nations that only do so to the investor.

5. After getting Turkish citizenship, a new name and surname.

On the one hand, Turkey permits dual citizenship, while on the other, it grants its holders the opportunity to change or maintain their names.

This function is quite crucial for all individuals who desire to start a new life without the traces of the past.

6. The legitimacy of the Turkish passport

The Turkish passport permits its holder to travel to 62% of the world's nations without a visa (67 countries), with a visa obtained upon arrival (50 countries), or via an electronic visa (6 countries).

Turkish citizens can apply for a passport with a 10-year validity period for a fee of no more than $100 per person, making it the 39th most popular passport in the world.

7. The nation's varied cultural heritage

This picturesque nation offers both visitors and citizens a taste of culture and customs from throughout the world.

Turkey is clearly a desirable place to live given that it is a popular tourist destination. Residents can select a lifestyle that suits them and a setting that mimics their ideals, particularly in Istanbul, which serves as Turkey's commercial and business hub.

We have witnessed numerous instances of international investors establishing successful enterprises in Turkey that might not have done so in the home country.

8. Constantly evolving infrastructure

The government's ambitions to constantly expand and accomplish more development to conveniently connect the regions to one another are the most beautiful thing about Istanbul's built infrastructure in the eyes of foreign investors.

The presence of massive projects like the brand-new, largest airport in the world, the medical city in Basaksehir, which is also the newest and largest in the world, the People's Park, which will be built on the site of the former Ataturk Airport and is four times as large as Central Park in New York, the technologically advanced bridges and tunnels that are routinely implemented, and many more that are too numerous to list here.

9. The geographical and political position of Turkey

Turkey's unique geographic position as the link between Europe and Asia and its proximity to the Middle East make the political role it currently and going forward plays in the region the most significant of all.

This demonstrates that the development the nation is experiencing is not a random occurrence but rather the result of a multi-stage process that will last into the future.

10. Turkey's potential

It goes without saying that having citizenship in a nation with a bright future, like Turkey, is a huge advantage for people looking to get a second passport.

The Turkish Republic will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. When Turkey is able to extract and profit from the hidden wealth, which accounts for a third of imports and is the cause of the current trade balance deficit, progress will be accelerated and the Turkish economy will no longer be considered to be in its infancy.

As a result, the Turkish government has lowered the interest rate on bank loans from 24% in 2018 to 9% in 2019, whereas other nations across the globe are sharply hiking interest rates to combat inflation.

There is one more thing! The best part of becoming a citizen in Turkey is to get to live in Antalya/Alanya!

In Alanya Sun never sets and the weather is always mild. We are very eager to meet you!

You can always get in touch with us for a free real estate consultation.

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